Audio tools and references:

  • DAW disk space calculator Want to know how many tracks you can record for your 30 minute master piece and at what sample / bit rate based on your hard drive capacity, then this is the tool for you.
  • Delay calculator A quick and easy way to convert from metres / feet to mS.
  • Wavelength calculator Easily convert between frequency and metres / feet.
  • SPL calculator Simply enter amplifier power, loud-speaker sensitivity and a distance to find your maximum sound pressure level.
  • Tone Generator Generate a sine wave between 20hz and 20khz, or white noise.
  • Low impedance calculator Calculate total loads for a group of speakers in parallel and series configurations.
  • 100v line calculator Calculate speaker power from measured impedance.
  • Radio Mic frequency references Frequency lists for Channel 38, Channel 69 and Deregulated UK radio mic frequencies.

AV Tools is also available as a native application, find out more at the:

AV Tools Information Page